Reference customer: Finnish Defence Forces

Decontamination of material for transport and long-term storage: Removing pathogens from material used in overseas management crisis operations, elimination of mold

Reference customer: VTT Technical Research Centre Finland

Research projects for food processing hygiene

Reference customer: XHOME Oy

Elimination of mold and related pathogens from contaminated buildings and property such as furniture (

Partner product powered by Cleamix: IntLog Oy and IC2Feeniks Oy

Mobile field decontamination equipment and integrated solutions

Cleamix enables completely new VHP use cases

Exceptional portability and affordability of Cleamix means it opens up new decontamination use cases, such as:

  1. On-demand decontamination of vehicles such as ambulances, buses and trucks
  2. Rapid disaster response units; decontamination of field hospitals, returned equipment and freight
  3. Decontamination of tools, instruments and equipment at their site of operation