• Very simple to use: Just specify desired H2O2 concentration and duration, and the unit takes care of the rest
  • One liter of H2O2 liquid goes a long way: 80% efficiency* using 35-50% H2O2 solution, resulting in 335 minutes of operation at full power
  • Intelligent: State of art sensors for real time monitoring of H2Oconcentration and condensation point; real time adjustment of H2O2 vapor output, heating and air-drying to maintain desired decontamination parameters

For small decontamination volumes

  • Decontamination cabinets and other enclosed spaces up to 20 m3**
  • Self contained decontamination unit VCS-20
  • Built-in catalytic converter for rapid H2O2 removal

For large volumes

  • Rooms and vehicles up to 500 m3, practical maximum depends on use case
  • Self contained decontamination unit VCS-100
  • Separate high-capacity catalytic converter for rapid H2O2 removal

For very large volumes

  • Aircraft hangars, complete buildings and other large interior spaces up to 5000 m3
  • Master unit VCS-100 + 1-50 additional VCS-100 slave units
  • Secure mesh networking between master and slave units for cable-free operation


  • High-power air circulator with HEPA filter for enhancing even H2O2 vapor distribution
  • Ability to control external heating and dehumidifier equipment
  • Modular OEM decontamination solutions available upon request

VCS-100 spec sheet

Versions VCS-100-CR mobile master unit (self contained decontamination unit)
VCS-100-SL mobile slave unit (additional 100 m3** per slave unit)
H2O2 liquid 35-60% concentration
Dimensions 557 x 420 x 220 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 9,5 kg
Operating voltage 230 VAC
Power consumption 800 W maximum
Fan capacity 110 m3/h (main fan)
1050 m3/h (catalytic converter)
Output capacity H2Ooutput rate is 1725cc/min which takes a 500 m3 space to 600 ppm concentration level in 3 hours in cleanroom conditions.

VCS-20 spec sheet

Versions VCS-20-C compact decontamination unit
H2O2 liquid 35-60% concentration
Dimensions 465 x 360 x 175 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 8 kg
Operating voltage 230 VAC
Power consumption 300 W maximum
Fan capacity 70 m3/h (main fan)
Output capacity 200 ppm / m3 / minute
at 1.5 ml/min rate of 50% H2O2 liquid

*Efficiency as percentage of H2O2 liquid converted into H2O2 vapor
**Decontamination volumes as defined by inert volume with sustained H2O2 vapor concentration of no less than 650 ppm