Cleamix Achieves Certification Under EN 17272 Standard

EN 17272 is a European standard that specifically addresses decontamination equipment. Achieving certification under EN 17272 indicates that Cleamix’s decontamination solutions meet the stringent requirements set forth by this standard. The importance of EN 17272 certification lies in the fact that it serves as a recognized benchmark for the quality and reliability of automated decontamination solutions.

Enhancing Decontamination Confidence: The EN 17272 Standard Unveiled

EN 17272:2020 specifies a test method designed to assess the microbicidal activity of airborne surface disinfection processes. These processes disperse biocidal agents in the form of gas, aerosols, or vapours, crucial for maintaining sterility in enclosed spaces.

Key Features of EN 17272:

1. Distribution Test: Ensures uniform decontamination across all points in an enclosure, addressing limitations of previous standards.

2. Microorganisms: Aligns with industry standards while introducing specificity based on manufacturers’ use claims for enhanced efficacy.

3. Enclosure Volume: Clarifies testing requirements, cutting impractical mandates, and focusing on realistic conditions.

4. Total ADC (Airborne Decontamination Contact) Time: Introduces a comprehensive approach, encompassing the entire decontamination cycle for accurate representation.

Test Conditions and Requirements:

The standard encompasses various microorganisms and intended areas of application, including medical, veterinary, food and industrial areas. Test results are expressed as log reduction values, providing a quantifiable measure of the decontamination process’s effectiveness.

EN 17272 Test Method:

The EN 17272 method comprises two parts – the efficacy test and distribution test. The efficacy test evaluates the microbicidal efficacy of the decontamination process, while the distribution test assesses its effectiveness in different areas of a room.

Why EN 17272 is important?

In enclosed spaces with limited air circulation, the concentration of pathogens can escalate, posing risks of infection transmission. Automated airborne room disinfection processes, guided by EN 17272, play a crucial role in eliminating airborne pathogens, particularly in healthcare settings and public spaces.

Understanding EN 17272 is crucial for those seeking trustworthy decontamination solutions. Manufacturers adhering to this standard instil confidence in claimed antimicrobial activity. Cleamix encourages customers to prioritize devices evaluated against EN 17272 for enhanced confidence.

Cleamix’s Commitment to Quality:

This certification demonstrates Cleamix’s commitment to adhering to industry-specific standards and best practices. By meeting the criteria outlined in EN 17272, Cleamix ensures that its decontamination solutions are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with established norms, guaranteeing a certain level of performance, safety, and effectiveness.