Cleamix technology chosen by KCDC – BSL-3 laboratories decontaminated amidst Covid-19 outberak in Korea

BioAll, Cleamix’ authorized distributor and decontamination service provider in South  Korea, has succesfully provided decontamination equipment and services to Korean Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).

Initially total of 2500 M3 of BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories were treated by Cleamix VCS – series devices within 2 business days (Feb 10th – 11th) including aeration and 6-log decontamination results duly confirmed by MesaLabs biological indicators.  Cleamix is working  together with BioAll on multiple government and private use cases and both BioAll and end customers have been extremely happy with the performance and ease of use when it comes to Cleamix technology. Even though we were treating this site for the first time and all of the preparations needed to be done as part of total time the initial decontamination treatment was performed twice as fast compared to previous vendor.

The co-operation with KCDC continues and we will release more specific details later on.

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